You have Libra Sunsign & Gemini Moonsign

You have a very lively and vivacious personality due to the combination of Libra Sun and Gemini Moon. Your personality is very attractive and captivating. You are open, talkative and enchanting. You know the art of expressing your ideas in such a way that no one can object to it.

Libra makes you poise, polite and easygoing and Gemini makes you sharp, bright and adjustable. Your control over your emotions and feelings will help you be successful. You are a learner and inclined towards academics. You grasp things quickly. You are sharp-witted and intelligent. You have interest in variety of different subjects, but you have a tendency to skim the surface than totally indulge in a subject.

You are changeable and variable. You do not like routine and restrictions. You cannot focus on one thing for long. Your personality is very smooth and persuasive. You deliver your best when you are free to express yourself and no one tells you what to do. You hate obligations and commitment. You tend to be impatient and edgy when you do not have anything to do. Your mind should always be at work to be calm.

You can be a little indecisive at times. You have an unending quest for knowledge and learning. You are very friendly and agreeable. You are amiable and nice.