You have Leo Sunsign & Gemini Moonsign

The combination of Leo Sun and Gemini Moon makes you a determined performer with well-defined and realistic thoughts. Naturally Leo personality is lively, vivacious, loving, passionate, big-hearted and commanding and Gemini is sharp, smart, quick, shrewd, adaptable and adjustable. Your personality is the perfect combination of all these qualities.

You always crave to make a mark of your own and earn appreciation in the society. You tend to make an impact with your thoughts and opinion. Your thinking is perceptive and simple. You are not philosophical, thoughtful and intense. You will be popular among people. You have a positive image and you will be very successful in forming social relationships.

Your thoughts and dreams are sensible, reasonable and credible. You have a very convincing and influential personality. You are such a good communicator that people are forced to believe and incline towards you. You think with your brain. You are in command of your sentiments. Your sharp brain power will never let you struggle in life. You know the art of accumulating wealth with minimum effort.

You are very quick and clever. You are always charged up to perform and boost your social image. Over-exertion of your mind may you land into mental tension and anxiety at times. You express yourself very convincingly. Your conversations are attention-grabbing and gripping. You are always on the go to prove yourself and make an impact on others.

You are very friendly and interesting. You are caring, concerned and loving. You are warm and welcoming. You like to be in the company of people who inspire and motivate you. Your ability to articulate your ideas convincingly is appreciated by all. You are popular among people because of your understanding, insightful, perceptive and shrewd personality.