You have Gemini Sunsign & Gemini Moonsign

You are full of energy and activeness owing to the combination of your Sun sign and your Moon.
You cannot be still. You are always on a roll. You are lively and vibrant. You are energetic and pulsating. You cannot tame and control your energy. You cannot conquer your vigor and dynamism.

You are very talented and gifted but your vitality and zing do not let you be stable and steady. You cannot concentrate on one thing for long. You lack compliance and momentum. Your bouncy nature will be a hurdle in your success. You are content with your physical and mental talent and skills.

You need company and support of other people. You are easily upset when alone. You need someone by your side. You become uneasy, loose your temperament and are restless and someone else has to soothe and pacify you. Someone has to channel and soothe your energy. Reading is your passion but not in the academic sense. You have persuasive, fluent, sharp and intellectual communication skills. You have control over your sentiments and feelings and hence you can be very successful in commercial or legal fields.