You have Cancer Sunsign & Gemini Moonsign

You are very emotional and delicate because of the combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign. You have very strong sixth sense. You are not stiff and firm. You are very accommodating and accepting. You adjust yourself to changing times. You are compliant and cooperative. Your bendy nature can be positive or negative for you depending upon the circumstances.

You are affectionate and caring towards others. You want everyone around you to be happy and in high spirits. You are receptive and easily influenced. You believe people very easily. You are unquestioning and simple. You might be betrayed by people because of your innocence. Bitter experiences of life may upset you deeply. You may tend to be aloof and isolated.

You like to be a part of the crowd. You like social gatherings and collective events. You are inquisitive and interested. You do not hesitate taking risks and trying new things in life. But you want results to stay on your path. You take no time to quit if your new way is not fruitful. You cannot focus on one project for long. You must have control over your emotional sensitiveness otherwise you will upset and depressed very often. You are not able to make up your mind. You are not certain and strong-minded. Your wavering thinking and indeterminate nature will always trouble you. You may be able to hide your hesitation but you are never firm and secure in your decisions.