You have Aries Sunsign & Gemini Moonsign

The combination of your Sun and Moon signs blesses you with sound communication skills. You know how to mould words and express yourself. You are quick-thinking and bright. You are brainy and shrewd. Your intellect is sharp and active. You are not able to take decisions fast enough. You must not disclose your plans unless you have thought and worked out everything. You must first ensure that you want to go in a direction and then make your ideas public. You must face and analyze the facts before making up your mind. You must be clear in your head and concentrate on your choice than think about switching to other plans without any study.

You tend to react hastily to situations and draw conclusions thoughtlessly. This can be troublesome for you at times. Words have lifetime of their own so think before you speak. Things will be simpler and easier if you plan and prepare ahead before executing them. You must keep things confidential unless you are certain. These changes in your nature will help you go ahead in life. You are intelligent and gifted and make a good of your wits.

Few can challenge your verbal skills. You have praiseworthy managing and executive skills. Your responses are quick and based on detailed information. You try to cover all details. At some occasions your decisions may be hesitant and wavering. You rely on facts but may lack profound research and confirmation. Quickness and activeness of your brain is your strength.

You are attracted towards managerial and administrative roles. You will be more successful in fields that need good exchange of ideas. Your verbal skills may take you places in fields like writing, marketing. Your have extraordinary skills of impressing and convincing people with your words. Your expressions are captivating and appealing. Be more careful in personal and professional affairs\