You have Aquarius Sunsign & Gemini Moonsign

You are idealistic owing to the combination of your Sun and Moon signs. You are passionate and ardent. You are unrealistic and analytical. You are impractical but your mind controls your emotions. You overstate the truth. You view your life and relationships through rose-tinted glasses. You tend to live in your own imaginative world.

Aquarius is imaginative, creative and free and Gemini is intelligent, flexible, adaptable and smart. Your personality is a perfect balance of these qualities. You are quick-thinking and sharp. You are capable and competent. You are spontaneous and shrewd. You do not go in for deep study of any issue. You tend to skip details. This could land you in troubles in professional field.

You are not focused and cannot aim at one objective for long. It is difficult for you to concentrate on one thing in your professional or personal life. Your thoughts are wandering. For you it is hard to have an objective and follow it sincerely. You can be successful in artistic fields. You like freedom of expression and ideas. You can be very successful in journalism, writing, marketing, speech-making where you have the liberty to express yourself and be creative. Your quickness and sharpness will help you in accomplishing your goals in life.

You get bored of routines and schedules. You cannot work in a systematic manner. You can have mood swings at time. You can loose your temper very quickly. You tend to behave unexpectedly and surprisingly. You want relationships and security. You value your friends and their company is important for your personal and professional development. Your relationships keep you stable and secured. You are talkative and need someone to share your ideas with. Your friends must be like-minded and well-suited to your behavior and personality.