You have Scorpio Sunsign & Capricorn Moonsign

Your Sun sign is Scorpio and Moon sign is Capricorn. This combination makes you very commanding and powerful. Your respect and reputation in the society are most important to you. You value truthfulness and honesty. You are a principled and moralistic person. You never compromise your values for anything else.

Scorpio provides you with great strength of mind. You are focused and firm. You are emotionally strong. Capricorn makes you purposeful, clever and sensible. You may be very cautious and firm. You are very strong mentally and tolerant.

Your business acumen is commendable. You are a born manager and a leader. Your professional approach may be diplomatic, prudent and wise. You want appreciation and respect from others. You have aspirations and objectives to achieve. You want authority and power.

You are persistent and committed. You approach tends to be conventional and rigid. You are disciplined and organized. You have good administrative and supervising skills. People trust and admire you for your responsible and truthful nature.

You are very strong mentally. You have self-control and willpower. You can be reckless and insistent if situation demands. You understand human nature and makeup very well. You are sensitive but your emotions do not drive you. They are in your command. Your mind rules your actions than your emotions.