You have Pisces Sunsign & Capricorn Moonsign

You are warm, charming and gentle owing to the combination of Pisces Sun sign and Capricorn Moon sign. People with this combination are intuitive, insightful and intense due to Pisces Sun and are conventional, cautious and determined due to Capricorn Moon. Pisces are quiet, reserved and self-contained. Even though Capricorns are introvert but a combination of both signs makes you self-reliant, self-believer and motivated.

You are not selfish and small-minded. You are modest and down-to-earth. You have dreams to achieve but you are not loud-mouthed. You admire simplicity and fineness. You are dependable, rational and firm. Your success stands on the pillars of honesty, truth, accountability and realism.

You want order and regulation in everything around you. You never run away from your commitments and liabilities. Pay special attention to financial matters. Your life will go smooth if you plan your finances properly. Money matters will affect your life. Success and failure will depend on how you deal with economic issues. Even though you are emotional but your far-sightedness and careful attitude will prevent you from taking any unplanned step in life. You are motivated by fame and success in every sphere of life. Your determined and intense efforts will give you fruitful results. You have commendable managerial skills. You concentrate on large goals than small steps. Appreciate your worth and calm down.