You have Libra Sunsign & Capricorn Moonsign

You have the combination of Libra Sun and Capricorn Moon. Your self-respect and pride are very important to you. You want to earn name and fame in the society. You want make a mark of your own in this world. You want respect and appreciation from others. You want to be known and be proud of. You are determined and dedicated to get what you want in life.

Naturally Libra personality is open, frank and extrovert in nature. On the other hand, Capricorn personality is a bit reserved, deep and intense. This combination will make you a controlled and restricted individual. You are not as direct and open as a Libra. You are not very outgoing and gregarious. You do not like parties and social gatherings. You tend to be a bit stiff and rigid.

You are trustworthy and dependable. You are consistent and unwavering. You get along with people well. Capricorn makes you more determined and focused than a typical Libra. It makes you objectively purposeful.

Your decision making and business sense are certainly sound and perfect. You can handle people and influence them to work the way you want them to work. You will be a great leader and administrator. You are not money-oriented and selfish. That doesn’t mean that you are charitable and altruistic. You are a balance of both. You want acknowledgement and appreciation from others. You want status and reputation in the society.