You have Gemini Sunsign & Capricorn Moonsign

You are mature, sharp, smart and insightful thanks to the combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign. You have a determined, tough, objective, dedicated and strong-minded inner self and friendly, sociable and warm outer self. You value rules and regulations. You obey and want everyone else to obey customs and system.

You are calm, composed and even-tempered. Your serene and rational personality will help you overcome all hurdles in life and achieve your goals. You are friendly, cozy, pleasant, bighearted and kind. You do not like compulsion. Your corporate acumen is commendable. You have great convincing and influencing ability. People submit to your intelligence and smartness and are inclined towards you within no time. You will be very successful in business due to your balanced, charismatic, magnetic and appealing personality.

People surrender to your charm and trust your abilities. You are open and gregarious. People have belief in you and calm down in your company. They have faith in you. You influence others to rely on you. You are competent and successful in your ventures. Your mind is clear and focused. You study and examine each situation profoundly.

You are reasonable and just. You are principled and ethical. You have the skills to get a good deal. You are never uneasy and impatient. You are stable and secure. You are motivated, single-minded, unwavering and proactive. You lack interest and involvement and do not get emotionally close easily. You are very emotional and perceptive. You are understanding and thoughtful. You care for other people’s thoughts and feelings. You know the weak points of people around you. You are logical and critical. You are not imaginative and artistic. You have a great deal of social tact and do not upset anyone to your disadvantage.