You have Cancer Sunsign & Capricorn Moonsign

The combination of your Sun and Moon signs makes you friendly and considerate. You are thoughtful and kind. You are highly committed, eager, energetic and ambitious. You are definite and firm. You are purposeful, single-minded and strong-willed. You are indifferent and formal like a typical Capricorn. You are insightful and understanding. You are warm and loving. You are perceptive and intuitive.

You can be successful in civil and administrative services. You must serve the community to get recognition and appreciation. You will achieve name, fame and money with hard-work and sincerity. You are honest and dedicated towards your goals. You are determined and responsible. You are dependable and reliable. You do not hesitate putting your time and sweat in things that are important and appeal to you. You never attempt to escape your duty and responsibility. You are modest and humble. You are down-to-earth.

You want excellence and class in your dealings. You know the value of money but you do not compromise on quality. You do not spend without thinking. You know how to build up wealth and make rewarding investments. You have control over your desires.

Your approach in life is to achieve your objectives with firmness and single-mind but move ahead with politeness and courtesy. You have the wisdom to maintain a balance of business acumen and personal integrity. You achieve your goals with dignity and without compromising and hurting your relationships. You make friends very easily. You know the art of getting your work done with good manners and courtesy. You have a strong sixth sense to judge what others want and expect.