You have Aquarius Sunsign & Capricorn Moonsign

You have the combination of Aquarius Sun sign and Capricorn Moon sign that makes you very constructive and encouraging individual. You are commanding and strong. You are very realistic and sensible. You have a distinctive and unique personality. Aquarius is creative and self-reliant. Capricorn is conventional, ambitious and careful. Your personality combines all these qualities.

You are practical and far-sighted. You are determined and unwavering. Your single-mindedness and clear thinking enable you take good and firm decisions. You are not very receptive and easily influenced by feelings and sentiments. You are always on the go. You hate dull and boring life.

You are sincere, dependable and reliable. You have commendable managing and leadership skills. You know how to motivate and handle several people and get the job done. You have the ability to cope with pressures and demands of large business ventures.

You are principled and moralistic. You value your ideals and ethics. But this does not imply that you are not gentle and compassionate towards others. It is the beauty of your personality that you can balance will power, determination, ideals and social emotions to progress in life. You want control and command over driver’s seat than rich and luxurious life.