You have Taurus Sunsign & Cancer Moonsign

You personality is not clear and open to other people. This is due to the opposing and complex combination of Taurus sun sign with Cancer moon sign. Cancer moon wants you to be emotionally intense and touchy. Your moon makes you bitter and offended at times. On the other hand Taurus sun produces a firm, strong and inflexible personality.

You are tactful and formal. You do not express yourself freely. You have the ability to hide your real feelings and mind-set from others and use it for your benefit. You are smart and sharp at work. You are very emotional and can be provoked very easily. You drive by feelings and not logic. Your family is your main strength. It brings equilibrium and steadiness in your life.

You only appear confident and self-reliant. You can resolve differences in different outlooks but may not have a judgment of your own. You may not use your skills at the right time to take right steps in life. You may miss the occasion because of your indecisiveness. Even though you think productive and bright you can be an easy target. You are determined and devoted. You are not variable and changeable. You are cynical and fall weak when times are not appropriate.