You have Scorpio Sunsign & Cancer Moonsign

Your Sun sign is Scorpio and Moon sign is Cancer. You are highly sensitive and intense. You are forceful emotionally. Naturally Scorpio is emotionally vigorous, strong-minded and focused. Cancer on the other side is emotionally deep, firm and domineering. Your personality blends the Scorpio and Cancer qualities.

You are independent, self-reliant and in the process you tend to be swollen with pride and be detached. Emotions are your weakness and you surrender completely to an emotional request.

You are not an extrovert. You do not depend on other people. Your friends must reach you but you do not intend to put extra effort to be with them. You can be very tough and challenging at times. You know what others think and feel. You have an insight into people’s makeup.

Emotionally you are much weaker and can be influenced without much effort than by sensibility. You have a charismatic and appealing personality. You are confident and secure. You rely on your sixth sense. Your intuitive ability is very strong and your gut feelings are very accurate.

You are very possessive and sensitive in romance. You tend to be apprehensive, clever and cynical. You are highly vulnerable to things going around you and can be influenced very easily. Your feelings and emotions are always unchanging and rigid. You are never indecisive and wavering. You are rarely willing to change your thinking. You are not very rational and objective. You drive by emotions, always willing to stand up for your ideals and beliefs. You are extremely intolerant. Even if you are involved in any debate, you never rely on rational explanation but your opinions are always twisted to suit defend your point.