You have Sagittarius Sunsign & Cancer Moonsign

You are a very unrealistic and starry-eyed person owing to the combination of Sagittarius Sun and Cancer Moon. You are a creative thinker. You are imaginative and artistic. Sagittarius Sun makes you straightforward, passionate, prudent and positive and Cancer Moon makes you emotional, kind, caring, perceptive and sensitive.

You value learning and awareness. You have an unending quest for knowledge and learning. You are very sensible and adjustable. You are multi-talented and an all rounder. You are farsighted and intuitive. You are aware and alert. You have the knowledge and the ability to anticipate the possibilities and issues in life. You understand other people and their expectations. You understand human nature and makeup. You will be very successful in business ventures since you can easily understand what people want.

Your positive and passionate attitude encourages you to perform and do well. You can be a bit excessive at times. You tend to overdo things. Your emotions and zeal must be in your command. Think with your mind.

Let your logic be your main drive and do not let emotions take control of your personality. You tend to be impetuous and spontaneous at times. You decide who’s going to be your friend and who’s not with your heart, not reason and logic. You must be more cautious and selective in choosing your friends. Decide on their qualities and not how you think about them. Your friends must be sincere, genuine, smart and truthful. The opposing combination of your Sun and Moon may make you moody and touchy. You want to be at the top in popularity and prestige. Trust your hunches and determination to be successful.