You have Pisces Sunsign & Cancer Moonsign

Your Sun sign is Pisces and Moon sign is Cancer. You are highly intuitive and very sensitive emotionally. Your personality is difficult for others to understand. You care about what people around you think and believe. Views of others are important to you. You use your intuitive perceptions to deliver before even demanded by others.

You are dedicated and focused at your goals. You are sincere, devoted and honest towards your work. You are full of energy. You are ambitious and take your job very seriously. You have a sense of duty and responsibility. You do not lack motivation and determination once you set your objectives. You are not insecure and fuzzy. You are full of self-confidence and belief in your abilities. Sincerity and self-control are your greatest strengths. You have pushed yourself to face the world leaving behind your hesitation.

You are very good at making friends. You know the art of impressing people. You can get along with anyone very well. You relate with people and can form connections easily. You can mold yourself as the situation demands. You compromise or defend your point as is the need of the hour. You are a candid friend and your honestly is apparent to other people. Strong intuitive Pisces personality helps you understand people.

You believe in yourself. You have a sense of pride and high self-esteem. You are skilled to perfectly time your actions according to the occasions. Sometimes your behavior may seem to be uncompromising and firm and people may mistake you as unfriendly and cold as opposite to your warm and flexible personality.