You have Libra Sunsign & Cancer Moonsign

The combination of Libra Sun and Cancer Moon makes you an intense and thoughtful person. You are very romantic and an idealistic. Libra makes you poise, polite and easygoing and Cancer makes you emotional, understanding, compassionate and resolved. Your mind and heart may not be in sync with each other at times. Your emotions and logic may not agree with each other. You can be puzzled and may not be able to tae affirm decision.

Your idealistic side is often in opposition to your sensible side. You tend to be a little faraway and secluded from the reality. It is not that you do not like good company ad good times. You are very compliant and accommodating, and others may try to gain from your soft nature. You value other people’s feelings and emotions. You will always try your best to shun any friction and discord.

You believe in independence of every human being. You value fairness and impartiality. You are very flexible and you can adjust to changing conditions. You are not interfering and nosy. You will never compel anybody to do anything against their wish. You lack self-confidence and firmness. Because of this you cannot fight for good and the values you believe in. You do not obstruct anybody’s life. You desire class and excellence in everything. You have a very sophisticated and stylish. You have a great interest in arts.