You have Leo Sunsign & Cancer Moonsign

Your Sun sign is Leo and Moon sign is Cancer. Leo is native Sun sign and Cancer is native Moon sign. It is the most optimal pairing, in which both signs complement each other. This combination creates a well balanced personality. Cancer Moon tends to make you temperamental and pensive. Sun in Leo makes up for this and keeps you positive and cheerful. You may tend to sing your own praises because of Leo Sun but Cancer Moon takes care of this and makes you humble and unpretentious.

You are sincere and dependable. You are congenial and amiable. You care for and you try to understand your friends. Your friends can trust and rely on you in difficult times. You are very considerate and kind. You friends can open their heart to you. You pay attention and take personal interest in helping others. You are a good listener. You are compassionate and try to help your friends whenever possible. You like to spend quality time with your friends. You are not however the types that will let your hair loose.

You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You never make a special effort to make an impact on others. You are sensible and practical. You have a rational and objective approach in life. You are very romantic and affectionate. You will be a sincere lover. You are kind and generous and it shows in everything you do. You aim at determination, excellence and sincerity in every walk of life.