You have Gemini Sunsign & Cancer Moonsign

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign makes you very emotional and sensitive. You are touchy and very easily upset. You are delicate and easily hurt. You are quick-thinking and sharp. You are creative and imaginative. You want thrill and excitement in life. You are lively and energetic. You are always ready to discover new motivations and appeals in life. Your smartness and emotions come handy in difficult situations.

You are focused and determined. Gemini is naturally not as single-minded as you are. Your dedication and sincerity towards your goals will help you be stable and steady. Your concentration will help you calm your panicky and uneasy nature. You need to focus on a subject or area of interest to combat mental unrest. Unimportant and trivial issues may take your time and energy uselessly. You must not resort to small tensions in life and must take them lightly.

You need mental steadiness and tranquility and must work to achieve them. You must have control over your emotions. Your personal and family life may not be peaceful and calm. It is your mental strength and focus that will help you overcome your mental troubles. You will come out as a winner in tough situations. Your self-assurance and security will help you beat mental stress. You are insightful and intuitive. You can easily judge other people’s viewpoint and thinking. You can easily foresee what others are up to and you are well prepared to face them.