You have Capricorn Sunsign & Cancer Moonsign

You have the combination of Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon. This makes you very responsive and receptive. People with this combination are perceptive, insightful and intense. You have a very polished personality. You can perceive the feelings and motives of others. Your intuitive and meditative ability can take you places if put into the right direction.

You know how to build up assets and make wise investments. You know the demands of the market and what people will buy. You are not one to spend your time and effort pointlessly. You will never quit before completing your work.

You are not very loud and showy. You do not open your heart and plans unless you have complete faith in someone. At times you need to spend some time to yourself to replenish and rejuvenate your energy. You like to be alone and be by yourself to think and feel deeply. You have the tendency to be lost in thoughts, but you must try to avoid it and be more open and outgoing.

Your family and relationships hold a special place in your life. You depend on people close to you for emotional and mental support. You must come out of your shell for people to recognize and relate with you. The strength of your mind and persistence add to your advantage. Your sixth sense is quite accurate and precise. You must use your strong hunches to head to the most fruitful path.