You have Cancer Sunsign & Cancer Moonsign

Your Sun and Moon signs are both Cancer. All the things that Cancer sun sign stands for is now strengthened by the impact of Moon in Cancer. You are highly sensitive and chicken-hearted. You tend to be nervous and shy. You are hesitant and reserved. You never take an initiative and tend to stay out-of-the-way. Others may misunderstand your introvert nature. Others don’t mean to neglect or insult you but you can’t help feeling this way. Others do not have time to analyze or think about you that much.

You feel secure and happy in your cocoon. You find it difficult to open up and start new relationships with people around you. People may think that you are egotistical and unfriendly but it’s not true. You may appear arrogant and proud but in reality you are just extra defensive. World seems cynical and distrustful to you. You tend to break away from your surroundings and stay aloof to guard yourself.

You are quick-tempered, prickly and easily upset. You get upset at even trivial and insignificant issues. You do not trust people very easily and tend to remain distant and unsociable. You are apprehensive and cautious. People must gain your trust to be your friends. You take time to trust others.

Secure relationships like marriage are hard for you to obligate and commit to. You may not find a suitable life partner easily. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t care for your family. Your home and children are very valuable to you. You need to find your true and compatible love to shower your affection and care. You are a conventional and passionate lover once you open up to someone. You are sensitive, sensible, considerate and compassionate. You tend to act behind the scenes. You never come out and face problematic issues. You are a mediator and go-between than a fighter.