You have Aries Sunsign & Cancer Moonsign

Your Sun sign is Aries and Moon sign is Cancer. Naturally Aries is focused, dedicated, strong-minded and impulsive and Cancer is perceptive, intuitive, kind, emotional and compassionate. Your personality is the perfect blend of these qualities. You have many good qualities that will lead you to success in many different fields. You are not quick to react as a typical Aries. You give time and consideration to other people. Cancer adds steadiness and stability to your personality.

Your actions are carefully studied and thoroughly planned. Your personality is appealing to people and you can convince them easily. You have a remarkable ability of understanding people and get an insight into their ideas. You know how to win others over and make them feel that you are genuinely concerned about them. However you are not as gentle and caring as you pretend. Aries are self-interested and self-absorbed and so are you.

You are artistic and sensible. You have the skills to impress and convince people. Sometimes your selfishness may upset other people and you may not even realize this. You are accepted and liked by people because of your social awareness and sensitivity. This trait of your personality will be handy and you will be successful I life without much struggle and time. You have commendable leadership and managerial skills. You are self-reliant but you may tend to doubt your abilities at times. You wonder at your persuasive and commanding skills. Do not think too much and do not be too artistic in your approach.