You have Aquarius Sunsign & Cancer Moonsign

You have Aquarius Sun sign and Cancer Moon sign. You have a personality defined by Cancer Moon than Aquarius Sun. Cancer Moon shuns Aquarius Sun. Cancer is native Moon sign, and hence Moon is strongest when placed in Cancer. On the other side, Aquarius is not native Sun sign, which further weakens its influence. This is a very unique combination. In no other Aquarius combination is Moon sign more prominent than Sun sign.

You are emotional. You are not cold and unfriendly. You are different from a typical Aquarius. Aquarius personality is creative, innovative and self-reliant. Cancer personality is emotional, understanding and determined. Your personality is a combination of all these qualities. You are easily influenced and tend to be unsettled and impatient at times.

Your strong sixth sense allows you to figure what other people are thinking about you. You know how to deal with different people. You are very sociable and make friends very easily. Your social circle is very big and broad. You are very calm and bighearted. You are congenial and courteous. You are polite and thoughtful. You have cool temperament and charismatic personality.

You value relationships. Your friends and family mean a lot to you. You get along well with your peers and subordinates. You are very understanding and get emotionally involved in your business relationships. You are hard working, determined and firm. You will be very successful in your business.

Your intuitions and hunches about people are usually very accurate. Your tactics in every work you undertake are very practical and logical. You are honest and sincere towards your work. You aim excellence, accomplishment and achievement in business.

You enjoy good company and good times. You are welcoming and warm. You are multitalented and can try your luck in many different fields. Your ability to judge people and perceive their nature is an advantage. The only point of concern is that you may fail to get an insight into your own complicated nature.