You have Virgo Sunsign & Aries Moonsign

You personality is contradicting and confusing due to the contrasting combination of your Sun and Moon signs. Your signs are very different and distinct from each other. Your signs make you determined and inflexible. You are not sensitive and emotional. You are lively, argumentative, aggressive and analytical. You are not very outgoing and genial. You form relationships and bonds, even though you do not appear very friendly and sociable.

You are difficult and tough. You are particular and precise. It is hard to please you and meet your expectations. You want excellence and precision in everything. You appear confident and secure from outside but you are not as sure of yourself as you seem. You are an active and energetic boss but your hard personality is not admired by your associates. You are considerate, attentive and well defined. You are perceptive and intuitive.

You tend point out when someone and something is not up to your mark. Others may perceive you as a harsh and difficult person. You do not value yourself due to impassiveness and disinterest. You are not fair to your own self. You tend to hide your feelings and sentiments. To you being emotionally sensitive is powerlessness and feebleness. You think that hiding your feelings will make you strong and potent in the eyes of other people. You see emotional people as weak and frail.