You have Taurus Sunsign & Aries Moonsign

You have the combination of Taurus Sun sign and Aries Moon sign. You are strong-minded and clear-thinking. You are focused at your goals and unwavering. You know what you want and you follow your path steadily. You are committed and sincere towards your aims. You are confident and firm because of Aries and friendly, warm, calm and pleasant thanks to Taurus.

You are authoritative and like to lead. You are passionate and zealous. You have the get up and go attitude that keeps you going and active with energy. You are variable and changeable. You are unpredictable and unstable. Your viewpoints change within no time. You may be accepting and open to an issue at one point but change your stand instantly. Your thinking swings from being modern at one instance to irrational and unjust at another. You tend to find weaknesses and discrepancies in things you are associated with. You are judgmental and form opinions hastily. You are not stable with your stand. You change your outlook within no time when you find any flaws with your stance.

You have the ability to show your disapproval through expression without retaliating openly. You know the art of convincing your opposition and turning it your way. You are spirited and persuasive enough to defeat your rival. You need to channel, influence and be in command of things. You are do not like relating and connecting with people. You will be more successful in reserved ventures where you do not have to cooperate with people and bond with them. You are self-sufficient and independent.