You have Scorpio Sunsign & Aries Moonsign

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign makes you a practical person. Your objectives are specific and particular. You are ambitious, determined, motivated and focused. You are single-minded and proactive. You do not care about the fairness of the system around you. You do not pay attention to values and ethics. Integrity and righteousness do not appeal to you unless you or someone close to you is in trouble.

You are spontaneous, liberal and autonomous. You are powerful and influential. You are not generous and considerate towards weak and feeble. You are not thoughtful, compassionate and kind. You are wise, clever, practical, intolerant and stubborn. Bubbly and lively side of your personality keeps you going with friends. You are bad-tempered and you need little provocation to react strongly.

You are quick thinking, sharp and defensive. You are diligent and sincere. You like profound study and logical investigation in any matter. You are loving, dedicated and devoted emotionally. You are tough to please. You are not easy-going. You do not like compulsions and responsibilities. You do not like restrictions and others commanding you. On the other hand you are very particular and specific. You expect perfection and precision from others.

You are unpopular because of your difficult attitude. Your firmness and strong-mindedness is respected by others. You confront troubles without any hesitation. You are bold and courageous. People can trust and depend on you in difficult times. Others admire your ability to face tough situations. Your sincerity and diligence helps you achieve any objective.