You have Libra Sunsign & Aries Moonsign

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign makes you independent, autonomous and free. Your freedom and liberty is most important to you. You do not like bonds and restrictions. You do not like things imposed on you. You do not want responsibilities and commitments. You do not like someone dominating and controlling you. You do not want compulsions. You cannot focus on one thing for a prolonged period. It is very difficult for you. You get bored of usual schedules.

You have a practical sense of humor. You are unpredictable and you live life as it comes. You are adventurous. You want thrill and excitement in life. You are polite, poise, well-mannered, and sociable as a Libra and eager, keen, bold, positive and secure as an Aries. Full Moon shining at the time of your birth makes you outgoing, talkative, friendly and gregarious.

Your inner side is not as firm and forceful as your outer side. You try to control your temper and be stable but sometimes situation may be out of control and it becomes difficult for you be calm and composed.

You are not a loser. You believe in impartiality and justness. You are excited about your work. You tend to divert away from your path and objective if you it does not appeal to you. You may not complete your commitments at times. Your powerful ideas and thoughts impress others. Your constructive and optimistic approach appeals to most people. You are not dependent on anyone else. You are able and self-reliant. You are able to channel and have power over your sentiments. Your success lies in your fine-tuning, politeness, humanity, compassion and fairness.