You have Leo Sunsign & Aries Moonsign

You are very sensitive and emotional due to the combination of Leo Sun and Aries Moon. You are determined and enthusiastic. You have the guts and the spirit to do and accomplish anything you want. You are brave and daring. You are a go-getter and a self-starter. You are an achiever and a performer. You never run from tests. You are very courageous and spirited. There is nothing that can bring down your strength of mind.

You oblige everything that comes your way. You are dedicated, sincere and loyal. You are hot blooded and easily roused. You can be provoked very easily. You take defeats optimistically and confidently rise to the occasion. Your respect and dignity are valuable to you and you do anything to protect and maintain them.

You are very aggressive and argumentative. Every trouble that comes your way is your enemy that you must defeat. You have great managerial and administrative skills. You are lively, active and self-motivated. You are always charged up to perform and boost your professional value. You do every work with passion, interest and concentration. People may perceive you as arrogant and reckless. You never quit and give up without attempting anything honestly.

You never run away from responsibilities. You perform all your duties sincerely. You tend to doubt your academic ability. Even though you will never fail in any of your tasks, your confidence is put down by people you think are scholarly and smarter than you. This, however, will not make much difference to your success. You are quick-thinking and sensible. You have everything that it takes to be successful in life.