You have Gemini Sunsign & Aries Moonsign

You are very active, lively and energetic because of the combination of Gemini Sun and Aries Moon. You are clever, bright and sharp-witted. You are multi-talented and flexible. You are full of life and dynamic. You are prepared and aware. You are always ready to act and on the go. You are uncompromising, forceful and assertive. You are determined and dedicated. You achieve your goals with devotion and hard-work. You do not wander from your path and aim for success. You are optimistic and certain. You are secured and trust your abilities.

You are friendly and warm. You have a pleasant personality. You are very sociable and caring for persons close to your heart. You are equally tough on your competitors. You take up challenges very seriously. You are a scholar. You have a never-ending quest for knowledge. You are modern and want to mentally develop with the world. You want and work to be aware and carry on with changing times. Your general knowledge and awareness is incomparable.

You are an extrovert. You are fun to be with. Your friends enjoy your company. You have a great sense of humor. You energize social events and gatherings with your funny and informed personality. Your personality and candid nature will help you be successful in life. You are easy-going and helpful. You must use your personality as a whole to accomplish your objectives and not only your shrewdness. Others admire your persona and skills. They trust your abilities and talents.

You do not give a serious thought to your actions. You must study your plans and steps profoundly before acting upon them. You tend to act at the twinkling of the eye. Your approach is not rational. You are not far-sighted and perceptive. You have commendable managing and directing skills. You are confident and positive. Others follow and trust you. You make other people believe that they are special and valuable.

You are meant to be a successful and smart businessman. You always want to be on top. You want name, fame and reputation in the society. You are not very touchy and intense. You value your freedom and independence. You do not like bonds and restrictions. You are not very sensitive and emotional. You always wish to be free and fly like a bird.