You have Aquarius Sunsign & Aries Moonsign

Your sun sign is Aquarius and your moon sign is Aries. This combination creates a blend of high intellect and independence. Keenly aware of your own intelligence, you tend to be a bit arrogant and domineering at times. This sense of superiority can cause you to be judgmental and condescending, so always choose your words carefully to avoid friction.

Aquarius adds brilliance and creativity and Aries adds strength, courage and freedom to your character. Emotionally vulnerable, you are often detached and unable to express your true feelings. Try to let your guard down once in a while and open yourself up to people.

Although stubborn, you are open to new ideas. You prefer to take charge and work on your own, while your strong sense of self endows you with great leadership potential. Your pushiness can raise hackles, but your enthusiasm and foresightedness render great possibilities.

You are constantly on the go and up and about, both physically and mentally. This attribute can make you impatient and reckless. The greatest challenge will be for you to cut back on your need for complete independence, be a bit more considerate and work on bettering personal relationships.