You have Virgo Sunsign & Aquarius Moonsign

Your personality has two different aspects due to the combination of Virgo Sun sign and Aquarius Moon sign. You are thoughtful and considerate. You value learning, awareness and wisdom. Having a Sun sign of Virgo and a Moon sign of Aquarius produces a combination that yearns towards high ideals of enlightenment and at the same time values pragmatism.

You often have a disdain for the mundane aspects of life and seek inspiration and passion by learning about the bigger truths concerning life's meaning. You're not a needy person and you don't wear your heart on your sleeve. You are lead more by your mind than your emotions. You can be insensitive with your comments towards others and not understand why they might get upset because you have an outlook that is somewhat detached.

Your thoughts and opinions can be self-critical in the same way so you don't understand why others "can't take it." Because you aspire to look at life from a higher-level you are sympathetic and understanding but not overly emotional. In romantic relationships you value the intellectual and harmonious ideals of love over the emotional and physical aspects.

Your curious mind conjures all sorts of plans and ideas which you don’t feel at all are a waste of time to explore. You know that you don't think like all the rest and you value originality and non-conformity but your viewpoint is backed up by a solid grasp of the situation. You're nobody's fool and you question things closely before making decisions.