You have Taurus Sunsign & Aquarius Moonsign

You are sociable and easy-going owing to the combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign. You are amiable, pleasant and composed. You are quick to form bonds with unknown people. You are very friendly, open and welcoming. You take no time in being friends with people you meet for the first time. You are convivial and warm.

The other side of your cozy personality is passionate and zealous. You are a person of strong principles and opinions. Your personality has magnetic effect on others. You are attractive and appealing. Your personality is captivating and enchanting. People cannot resist your charisma and tend to incline towards you. You can use your social tact to your benefit. You are open-minded and considerate. You like the company of people and form connections. These connections may not be emotional always. Your openness and relation with strangers without proper consideration may some times be troublesome for you. You may fall for wrong person who can take unhealthy benefit of your friendly personality.

You take care of other people very considerately and expect the same from others but rarely are you satisfied. You are thoughtful and your have comprehensive understanding of things going around but that does not mean that you are emotionally weak and cannot handle stress of life. You are in command of your emotions and affairs. You are sharp, serious, interested, creative and intellectual. You have creative and artistic skills. You are not selfish and money-oriented. You may not be very wealthy. Do not be sluggish and be active. Your sense of self-worth and self-assurance will make you successful in life. You are sharp and your friendly nature will help you achieve success. Your social nature will be your strength and positive feature.