You have Scorpio Sunsign & Aquarius Moonsign

You have the combination of Scorpio Sun and Aquarius Moon. You appear very calm and settled from outside. But from inside you are very jittery and edgy. You tend to be lost in your thoughts. It does not mean that you are not conscious about your everyday life. Scorpio makes you very focused, firm and emotionally strong and Aquarius makes you very creative, original and socially warm.

Your feelings and opinions are not variable. They are stiff and rigid. You are perceptive and have an innate ability to understand others. You are a keen observer and able to grasp fine details. You know how to deal with people. You are extremely strict towards the standards you have set for others. Imperfection in people repels you. Even when you are feeling ridicule and repulsive from inside, you appear courteous and well-mannered.

You are impartial and neutral. You try to hide your negative feelings whenever you can. You want people to genuinely adore and respect you. But you do not fall for false buttering and sweet talk. You do not value people who do not think with their mind and just admire their leaders even when they are wrong and do not deserve any praise. You have a very appealing and convincing personality. You hate show off and boasters.

You are very thoughtful and deep. You are original and ingenious. You are artistic in nature. You have inclination towards arts and knowledge. You have a great deal of self-importance. You have an unending quest for education and learning. You have perceptive insight and originality. You are innovative and sensitive. You are very intense and deep. Only few people can relate with your personality.