You have Sagittarius Sunsign & Aquarius Moonsign

The combination of Sagittarius Sun and Aquarius Moon makes you very loving and passionate. You are a very starry-eyed and unrealistic person. You are self-reliant and self-dependent. You are open and direct. Sagittarius makes you straightforward, passionate, prudent and positive and Aquarius makes you creative, innovative, inventive and liberal.

Your personality is very attractive and captivating. You know how to influence and convince people to believe and follow you, even when you are just babbling. You can be very melodramatic in your approach. You are very reliable and dependable. People have faith in you and your abilities. You are very artistic in nature. You always stand up and support the institutions you believe in. You take a broader view and always defend your opinions and views.

You have an innate ability to understand demands and expectations of others. You have good leadership and managing skills. You can handle your staff well and make the most of them. You can persuade and maneuver others to deliver as per your expectations. Your basic understanding of human nature comes handy in your professional field. You can be successful infields that need you to interact, understand and work for people like affairs of state, social services and corporations.