You have Libra Sunsign & Aquarius Moonsign

You have the combination of Libra Sun and Aquarius Moon. You have a very pleasant and cheerful personality. You are the life of social gatherings. You are very lively and vivacious. You are very friendly and gregarious. You are considerate and thoughtful. You are not an emotionally intense person. You are understanding and compassionate. You are warmhearted and kind. You do not get emotionally involved with anyone. You are generous and noble.

Libra makes you poise, polite and easygoing and Aquarius makes you self-reliant, clever and creative. You are prudent and sophisticated. You are positive and hopeful. Your attitude is encouraging and motivated. Your thinking is not restricted and narrow. You are a principled and ethical person. You want class and excellence in every sphere of life.

You have an innate ability to see all the positives and negatives in people. You understand human makeup. You are very inventive and innovative. You value originality and creativity. You get along people very well. You are friendly and outgoing. You have a large social circle that will open up new opportunities for you.

You are actually interested in other people. You are straight and honest. You are frank and candid. You do not pretend to like anybody, if you actually do not. You are helpful and ready to lend hand when someone needs you. You are artistic in nature. Your calm and composed nature makes you popular among people. You are steady and intelligent. Your personality will take you places. You are genuinely concerned about others. It is not difficult for you to gel well with anyone.