You have Leo Sunsign & Aquarius Moonsign

Your personality is very charming and captivating due to the combination of Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon. Naturally Leo personality is lively, energetic, vivacious, loving, passionate, big-hearted, fair, noble and dignified and Aquarius personality is creative, innovative, clever, open, sociable and friendly. Your personality is the perfect balance of all these qualities. You are outgoing and gregarious. Friends and people around you are always there to back and encourage you. You are loud and talkative. You are demonstrative and enthusiastic.

You can be successful in social, artistic and creative fields. Your talent will take you far. You are idealistic and unrealistic. You tend to cultivate your imaginative and inventive skills. You are not determined and firm. You are not single-minded and decisive. You are honest towards your work but you try to escape profound and detailed research. You are not devoted.

You are wavering and tend to change your position from time to time. You waste much time daydreaming and thinking about multiple things at one time. You have an impractical and unrealistic attitude. Your interest changes from one thing to other. You are variable and changeable. You are not steady and balanced. You are not occupied by one thought but tend to hang between multiple thoughts. You are jack of all trades and master of none. Your wide awareness and knowledge will be handy in life.