You have Gemini Sunsign & Aquarius Moonsign

You are very clever, sharp and quick-thinking because of the combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign. Your distinct smartness may lead you to unsavory reputation among people. You are very smart and tend to study and notice even finest of the details. You are keen, perceptive, observant, farsighted and intuitive. You are aware and alert. You have the knowledge and the ability to anticipate the possibilities.

Your approach in life is revolutionary and advanced. Your vision helps you step up and enhance your life. You are radical and innovative. You are futuristic, unconventional and forward-looking. You are dynamic and do not hesitate accepting change. You are straightforward in your thinking and ideas. You are direct and obvious. You are very expressive and know the art of communicating yourself very well.

You are very kind, compassionate, thoughtful, sympathetic and bighearted. You are ready to lend a hand whenever others need you. You can be a great guide for others. You are dreamy and idealistic. You are starry-eyed and happy. You see positivism and splendor in every part of this world. You are very considerate, selfless, patient and accommodating. You are very friendly and you have a big social circle. Your friends are very faithful and trustworthy. You can depend on your friends in difficult times.

You do not do anything against your wish. You resist with a great stubbornness when you are asked to do something that you do not approve of. You cannot be forced and compelled. You do not like to work in a systematic and usual manner. You want independence and freedom of creativity and expression. You are very active and quick. You are dynamic and on the go. Your thinking is bendy and nimble. Your personality is a bit mysterious and puzzling. Your persona draws everyone’s attention. You are attractive and appealing. You are fun and a very good company.