You have Cancer Sunsign & Aquarius Moonsign

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign makes you very considerate and thoughtful. You are polite and you connect with people superbly. Others find it easy to understand and identify with you. You are expressive and easy to read. You have an independent and impartial outlook. You appear lost and neutral. You do not form relationships with people; rather people are attracted to your unbiased and liberal thinking. You like privacy and isolation.

You are often lost in thoughts. You are analytical, but in fair and positive way. You are dignified and honorable. You will not expose your inner self to all. You are not small-minded and you do not like this in others as well. You are influential and convincing. You draw the attention of others because of your gentle and caring personality. You do not put extra energy to win friends. You do not bend yourself but lift up others with your diplomatic influence.