You have Aquarius Sunsign & Aquarius Moonsign

Your Sun and Moons sign both are Aquarius. This makes you very tough but a little open-ended. You are flexible, non-judgmental and liberal. You are little idealistic, otherworldly and unrealistic. You are subtle, clever, talented, compassionate and gentle. You are cultured, able, bright and sharp-witted. You are productive and creative.

Your thoughts and views can vary from being traditional and usual to innovative and unconventional at times. You are restless and agitated. You tend to push back your work due to carelessness. You are caring, kind and humane in nature. You are a pioneer. You cannot focus on one thing for long. Your areas of interest tend to vary. You are patient, thoughtful, considerate and selfless. You are sociable, affable and genial.

You are easy-going and you make friends very without any difficulty. You are friendly but you appreciate your personal space. You want autonomy and freedom. Your personality will help you achieve your professional goals. You will be successful and content in life. You are open and friendly with people. You understand others. You are creative and innovative. You are constructive and forward-looking. You are advanced and futuristic.

You are inflexible and firm towards your goals. You are determined, focused, strong-minded and certain. You achieve what you desire. You are hard working. You accomplish your objectives sincerely. You want to change the world around you. You want to make this world a better place to live in.

You want liberty and freedom of your ideas and expression to perform. You do not like to work in a predefined mode and under any compulsion. You want authority and responsibility. You do not want any kind of interference in your work. You get upset very easily. You need some time for entertainment and leisure to loosen up and keep yourself calm and composed. You are objective, logical, decisive, resolute and gentle. You will be successful and popular among people because of your personal traits.