Saturn's Sadesati in your life

Your Janma Rashi: virgo

About Saturn's Sadesati

Saturn (Shani) takes around 30 years to complete one revolution of the zodiac. It stays in each sign for around 2.5 years.

Saturn is considered a planet that brings misery and challenges for people when it's in an inauspicious position. The Sadesati is a period of 7.5 years during which Saturn is specially malignant and creates an unusual amount of problems in an individual's life.

The Sadesati begins when Saturn enters the 12th Rashi (sign) from the person's birth Moon-sign and ends when Saturn exits the 2nd sign from the person's birth Moon-sign. It takes about 7.5 years to cross these three signs; hence the name Sadesati.

Everyone goes through Sadesati sooner or later, for most people it's at least twice, or thrice. It is said that while Sadesati lasts, you will have little peace. But don't think that just because you are running Sadesati your life will be destroyed. That's not the case. Many people continue being successful even while they are in Sadesati.

A lot depends on the overall auspiciousness of your chart, the placement of other planets and your own efforts. You can also perform remedies to lessen the inauspicious effect of Shani Sade sati.

You will be under the influence of Shani Sadesati between:

28 Aug, 2036 To 22 Oct, 2038, Rashi: Leo [Phase 1]
23 Oct, 2038 To 05 Apr, 2039, Rashi: Virgo [Phase 2]
06 Apr, 2039 To 12 Jul, 2039, Rashi: Leo [Phase 1]
13 Jul, 2039 To 27 Jan, 2041, Rashi: Virgo [Phase 2]
28 Jan, 2041 To 05 Feb, 2041, Rashi: Libra [Phase 3]
06 Feb, 2041 To 25 Sep, 2041, Rashi: Virgo [Phase 2]
26 Sep, 2041 To 11 Dec, 2043, Rashi: Libra [Phase 3]
23 Jun, 2044 To 29 Aug, 2044, Rashi: Libra [Phase 3]

13 Oct, 2065 To 03 Feb, 2066, Rashi: Leo [Phase 1]
03 Jul, 2066 To 29 Aug, 2068, Rashi: Leo [Phase 1]
30 Aug, 2068 To 04 Nov, 2070, Rashi: Virgo [Phase 2]
05 Nov, 2070 To 05 Feb, 2073, Rashi: Libra [Phase 3]
31 Mar, 2073 To 23 Oct, 2073, Rashi: Libra [Phase 3]

19 Aug, 2095 To 11 Oct, 2097, Rashi: Leo [Phase 1]
12 Oct, 2097 To 02 May, 2098, Rashi: Virgo [Phase 2]
03 May, 2098 To 19 Jun, 2098, Rashi: Leo [Phase 1]
20 Jun, 2098 To 25 Dec, 2099, Rashi: Virgo [Phase 2]
26 Dec, 2099 To 17 Mar, 2100, Rashi: Libra [Phase 3]
18 Mar, 2100 To 16 Sep, 2100, Rashi: Virgo [Phase 2]
17 Sep, 2100 To 02 Dec, 2102, Rashi: Libra [Phase 3]
Impact of Saturn's sadesati

Phase 1 (in 12th Sign)

During this period Saturn transits through the 12th sign, or sign before your Birth Rashi. This is the beginning of the 7.5 years challenge.

This may become a challenging time for your entire family. You will be under pressure and may feel anxious about your future due to unforeseen problems. You will feel that trouble is seeking you out and that you get into problems even though you make a serious effort to avoid them. The elders in your family too might have some problems. The problems might be in form of health challenges or financial trouble.

You may have to make sudden trips and start on unplanned journeys. That will be a part of your effort to cope with the the problems that Saturn creates for you during this period. You may also run into unforeseen expenses and money supply may be squeezed.

Since this is the beginning of the Sadesati, you can't afford to lose courage now. If you become depressed in this period all will be lost. Remember this about Saturn, every crisis that it sends your way is an opportunity wrapped inside a lot of trouble. Saturn loves those who love challenges. Work agains the tide and you will get ashore. Do not leave any stone unturned to beat your problems. Your efforts will be your salvation.

Phase 2 (In Moonsign)

During this period Saturn will pass through the Moonsign in which you were born. This is also called Janma-Shani. This is considered the most testing phase of Sadesati. Survive this, and you've overcome the worst that Saturn can throw your way.

During this period you may feel intense pressure. You might feel caged, or repressed and just aching to break free and escape. There will be problems in the professional front. Maybe even a job change! In the domestic front too there will be fresh challenges to face. Your relationships with your family will take a beating, and you will be working overtime to maintain the cordiality and love that you've always enjoyed. Pay special attention to your mother and the elder women in your family.

On the emotional and psychological front you may feel as if you are in a daze. Your thinking will be hazy and you will have problems taking decisions. Don't be overcome by this. You may also feel fear for no apparent reason. Try to be as clear in your thought as you can be, and take every action after thinking it through. Logic and rationality will be your strength during these 2.5 years. Don't let them leave your side.

With strong determination and sustained effort you can beat this period just like you beat the last one.

Phase 3 (Next Sign To Moon's)

This is the last part of the Sadesati and Saturn is almost out of ammunition. By now you might be feeling a little bitter. 5 years of continued challenges can do that to a human being. It's time to be retrospective and think about all the positive things in your life, and think about all the good people in your life. Don't let your humanity and empathy die.

Your enemies might be a little extra active during this time, so don't be careless. Try not to give an opportunity to others to hurt you. Work to maintain a cordial relationship with your bosses and the administration. Show everybody that you still have the old charm and enthusiasm and can make things happen.
You might feel a little financial pressure right now, but nothing that you haven't dealt with in the 5 years earlier. Keep a check on your expenses and try to build some savings for sudden expenses.

This is the last phase of the Sadesati and it is said that when Saturn goes out of the Sadesati, rewards follow for the deserving. Many of your investments and efforts that didn't fructify while the Sadesati lasted may all bear fruit in a sudden heap when the Sadesati ends. So remember not to stop making your best efforts during the sadesati.

Small Panoti

03 Jun, 2027 To 19 Oct, 2027, Rashi: Aries [Iron Paya]
24 Feb, 2028 To 07 Aug, 2029, Rashi: Aries [Iron Paya]
06 Oct, 2029 To 16 Apr, 2030, Rashi: Aries [Iron Paya]

08 Dec, 2046 To 06 Mar, 2049, Rashi: Sagittarius [Copper Paya]
10 Jul, 2049 To 03 Dec, 2049, Rashi: Sagittarius [Copper Paya]

07 Apr, 2057 To 27 May, 2059, Rashi: Aries [Iron Paya]

17 Jan, 2076 To 10 Jul, 2076, Rashi: Sagittarius [Copper Paya]
12 Oct, 2076 To 14 Jan, 2079, Rashi: Sagittarius [Copper Paya]

22 May, 2086 To 09 Nov, 2086, Rashi: Aries [Iron Paya]
08 Feb, 2087 To 17 Jul, 2088, Rashi: Aries [Iron Paya]
31 Oct, 2088 To 05 Apr, 2089, Rashi: Aries [Iron Paya]

30 Nov, 2105 To 24 Feb, 2108, Rashi: Sagittarius [Copper Paya]
29 Jul, 2108 To 22 Nov, 2108, Rashi: Sagittarius [Copper Paya]

30 Mar, 2116 To 18 May, 2118, Rashi: Aries [Iron Paya]

Impact of Small Panoti

When Saturn is in 4th and 8th Moon sign from your birth sign, it is said to cast a small panoti on the native. This can be a period of trials depending upon the Paya of Shani. This time may not be as harsh as the Sadesati itself.

Gold Paya

This may be a stressful time. Pressures both at work and at home will take a toll on you. You might feel anxious and worried due to financial challenges too.

Work hard on the challenges and you will overcome them. All you need to fight your problems right now is sustained efforts.

Silver Paya

Surprisingly this is a beneficial phase for you. Direct your efforts in a positive manner and you will achieve success at work. You may also gain financially and may be able build an asset during this period. Use this period to take yourself financially ahead and to make fresh investments. Don't do anything that will disturb your peace of mind.

Copper Paya

There will be some hardships for you during this time. You will have to make a huge effort to make things go your way, but take solace in the fact that at least your efforts will have fruit. Your investments will bear fruit during this time, so don't let the opportunities slip by. Your health will remain sound during this period if you don't take any undue risks.

Iron Paya

This is said to the worst class of Panoti. You will be under an unusual amount of stress while it lasts. Your success will not be equal to your efforts and you will have to satisfy yourself with whatever little you get. You may feel financial pressure and your savings will not be enough to satisfy your dreams. Don't make misuse your money. Better save it for later when your investments can bear better fruit.

You may feel tired at times, but that's natural considering the pressure Saturn has you under. Just hang on tight and work hard. Your ship will come around to the shore eventually.


1. Donate black cloth, black urad, black leather objects, iron and mustard oil.
2. Worship lord Saturn on Saturdays. Keep a fast on Saturdays and eat only Urad, Gram, Black-Salt and fruits.
3. Recite the Maha-Mrityunjaya Mantra for 125,000 times. 4. Wear a ring made of iron from a horse-shoe. g