Predictions for Virgo Rashi

Virgo Rashi Moon of Virgo has made you an introspective person. You can enjoy life more happily than others do; your ability to make funny things out of serious stuff makes you a loved person in your friends circle. People are attracted by your easy jest, cordial and witty nature. You make the atmosphere very friendly.

Your talent and wisdom uplifts any group that you are a part of. The kind of organized and harmonious person you are is always calculative and restricted to yourself. But don’t you feel that you are very self-critical? You go on criticizing and doubting things internally.

Your definition of a beautiful life is a life that’s extremely organized and purposeful, unfortunately the real world is not like that, and you are often disappointed in yourself as you are in others. Your confidence and funny nature is upset with the reality and is this is the dark shade in your character. You prefer to choose your company among those who are just as organized and shy as you are.

The only one thing that will take you from this patchwork is the freedom of your suppressed instincts. You are your barrier which is restricting the potential and brighter side of your character. Try taking risks, taste the hazards which you have overlooked. You can create wonderful things if you know the reality is hiding behind your natural coyness.