Predictions for Scorpio Rashi

Scorpio Rashi The Moon in Scorpio gives you a unique and overpowering character. On the plus side you are intuitive, clever, creative and sensitive, but you are hounded by doubts not about yourself but others and that may make you a bit too much to take for some.

One part of your psyches constantly urges you to be creative and impulsive whereas the other one nags to be demanding and overprotective. It seems that you are in a war between the extrovert and introvert ‘you’. You have desire to perform things to your liking but cannot because of your dubious bent of mind.

These two facets make you an attractive person. You have your own way of assessing others and it’s very hard for anyone to hide their true character from you! Your moon sign has given you the ability of reading other’s character but it doesn’t mean that you can perform a surgery on their character and repair their flaws, though it won’t stop you from trying.

Your keen senses always want focus amidst people. You like to present your thoughts whether they are liked or not. The rating you give to others is not compulsory logical. Your moon sign shows that somewhere in your mind you have a desire for a calm life but find it hard to achieve it due to your suspecting nature.

You like to thrive on dilemma, at least apparently it seems like that but don’t you think that it snatches the normalcy of life? You are very sensitivity and demand a performance or a vent but it hampers your personal relationships and self-development.