Predictions for Sagittarius Rashi

Sagittarius Rashi There’s a dual aspect to Sagittarius. A very pronounced dual aspect that’s more noticeable in people of this Moon sign than any other moon sign. The first thing that will strike others about Sagittarians is that they are very light hearted individuals who seem to have an endless amount of cheer and zest. They’re the proverbial life of the party; the center of attraction of any gathering and they love to attract attention in a positive merry manner. In fact their very presence in a room lightens up the atmosphere.

People like you are always free spirited that means you can go to the zenith to attain your aim. The cheerful mask you wear is actually your hiding place because you also have a darker and an intense side that not everybody is able to see. When driven, you can take risks and go to extreme measures that will make a weaker person shiver. In fact if you’re scorned you can bite back with such fury that it’s hard to imagine you’re the very same person who was so full of cheer a moment ago.

Your tendency to be reactive haunts you too and you often regret doing things at the spur of the moment. You want to taste the extreme; it is in your sign. You drop all your sweetness while pursuing your ambitions.

There is a lot of disquiet in you. You’re forever struggling with yourself to identify what you really want. On one hand you’re looking for stability and security, on the other you would like to give it all up and live a truly wild life. This aspect of your Moonsign makes you a restless wanderer, forever thirsting for some elusive goal.

You’re very-very competitive and not just in your professional life. You’d like to be best in your family, in your neighbourhood and your entire city. Your friends and family have long given up trying to make you understand that you don’t have to win every time and by now would have grown to accept you the way you are.

You also have a very black-and-white sense of justice. If something is wrong, you’ll oppose with all your energy and not only just for yourself. You will stand up for your friends and your associates if you feel they have been wronged.