Predictions for Libra Rashi

Libra Rashi The people of Libra moon sign are known for their emotional change. The various swings of your emotions reflect your sensitive nature. You can’t help but be a new person each day which makes life with you very exciting though a bit tiring specially when those around you find it hard to predict what you will be next. But it is very easy to detect what you’re feeling at the moment because you do not like facades and are not afraid of showing your internal emotions.

And emotions you have plenty of. You do not follow a set pattern of happiness-sadness that many people are used to. Instead you experience and display a huge set of emotions.

Your anxiety, happiness, confidence or other emotions can be seen in your expression and this simplicity makes you an adorable person. People can easily read you as you just cannot pretend! You love to present yourself the way people want you to see which gives you a natural ability to strike friendships quickly.

The sudden sunshine and cloud in your nature sometimes causes people who are not in your usual company to misjudge you. Your personality may take up a new element each day. One day you will be witty and naughty and the second day you’ll be all serious work and business. This uncertainty is a special characteristic of this moon sign. Fortunately you possess a unique quality of balancing different states.

You are precautious about the likes and dislikes of people as if you have taken their custody! Your measuring and weighting tendency no doubt make you clever. Achieving and maintaining the balance in your life is a prime aim for you and if due to that somebody else has to lose out you don’t think that’s unfair.