Predictions for Leo Rashi

Leo Rashi Your moon sign gives you an authoritative character. Its a mixture of passion with a desire to rule others. You burst like thunder into an act and people really think you are an extra-ordinary performer. You are always factual and spread energy in your surroundings. But since you are not flexible in obeying others, you are often mis-judged.

Your dignity and way of presenting yourself in society is unique. You put your best in things that will give you success and glory. Little things don’t give you any pleasure but big and massive things have always attracted you. Your interest lies in substantial.

You are essentially possessive and hooked to the target that you set for yourself. The unmatched potential in you to achieve your desires can amaze people. But if you are not sure of the outcome, you will be afraid to make the attempt and that will project a false image of weakness about you. You are prepared to take any risk, but only when you believe you have the capability and the drive to beat the odds and emerge the winner. If you are unsure about yourself, you’d rather do something else.

Let make things more clear, your moon sign gives you a lot of boldness and enthusiasm, but it also makes you obstinate and loath to follow orders. You trust your abilities and knowledge too much to accept an opinion for given. That’s why people of Moon sign Leo make wonderful leaders but not great followers.

You have a very dignified personality and an air of authority that says you’re used to being in power. You will constantly asses the level of respect that people have for you and if you find it lacking you will take steps to repair the situation.

If you learn to tap your positive enthusiasm and energy to translate it into work, you can achieve success very quickly as once established in a powerful position, you have the natural ability to lead and inspire people.