Predictions for Gemini Rashi

Gemini Rashi Gemini Moon signs, the famous twins which cast influences on each other represent the double personality of an individual. This sign blesses you with creativity, wit and positive humor, the trademarks of the Geminis.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that you are always confused. ‘‘to be or not to be, that is the question’’ the famous soliloquy of Hamlet ideally represents your nature. Lack of focus and patience will prove very expensive to you. Your inexplicable behavior makes you a person of several talents but also with the ability of doing justice to them. The shades of characters in you make you an attractive person.

You have a peculiar tendency to try and finish any work in a moment. You try do that for other’s problems too. You hurry to come to the solution which may not agree with your friends if all they wanted was a sympathetic ear. You have liberal thinking that places you high among others. Your creative nature and urge for vastness and something more makes you adjustable and flexible in adverse circumstances.

Your resourcefulness does not always come out in flying colours because of your inconsistency. Your mood is simply unpredictable and that’s why in the long run people may lose faith in you. Your curious nature perfectly matches your varied mobility. But the thing which may drag you down is your mood swings.

You are thirsty for a change but you lead your life in constant variation and modulation. It has both negative as well as positive aspects. The dual characters confront each other most of the times even in trifle matters.

This moon sign is so dynamic and refreshing that you can attract by your capability of defining or performing things in an unconventional way. Sometimes you are so didactic that you may not know by yourself to which direction you are moving!