Predictions for Capricorn Rashi

Capricorn Rashi Your Moon sign gives you strong determination and outstanding confidence. To you, your aim and achievement is primary and there is no need to motivate you as you have got this quality from your Moon sign. Your unequalled fortitude actually grounds in self-occupation which results causes people to view you as an aloof, often selfish individual who is ready to put his or her interest before everyone else. .

There is a sense of discomfort in your company because most of the time you are occupied in pushing your agenda. Whatever you do, you’re determined to succeed no matter what it takes. You are very conscious about your actions and their results and need no explanation or justifications from others. You don’t simply lend an ear to others!

You don’t believe in listening sympathetically to others, especially if they have a grievance against you. This sign gives you a strong nerve. Everything is fine until your own life is hampered. You like to project a strong image and would like people to believe that you’re not affected with mundane things at all. Though Deep inside you feel differently. When you finally express a grudge you are not subtle, in fact you have a temper that erupts like a volcano.

People of Capricorn Moon sign are generally competitive. People respect your clear cut image. Your resolve and firm decisions are inspiring to others. These qualities make you unfriendly and unsociable as you are always thinking about your failures and successes. But on the positive side, Capricorn people have achieved some very high positions in the society due to these very qualities.

You do not insist on having all the power all the time. Often you’d let someone else be in charge. As long as everybody knows who’s the real boss. Your Moon sign provides you some finest qualities to shine in life but life is not so hazardous and complicated as you always think!