Predictions for Cancer Rashi

Cancer Rashi You are very fond of your mother. You sense a special bondage with your mother as your moon sign possess an urge of protecting the close ones. You are so affected by your mother that you undertake maternal feelings and inwardly you even want to surpass your mother. You have immense affection for everyone else who is close to you too. The inner ‘you’ is someone who is always caring and nurturing soft feelings of your loved ones.

Your sensitivity is one thing that makes you different from others. You cannot hurt and can’t even think of doing any injustice to others because of this unique quality. As a result you draw yourself back from others and take shelter in your beliefs if confronted. Yes, people may sometimes feel you are uncompetitive or weak but it also gives you great satisfaction that you will not harm anyone after your withdrawal.

You are always in want of a final statement that clears all doubts about you! But seeking assurance from everyone you mingle with only represents your soft personality. You respect and care for people, and finish a task after assessing it in your own special way.

Transition of Moon through different signs has a prominent effect on your psyche, that’s why for many you’re an enigmatic and unpredictable individual, though someone who tends to worry about herself too much, Your desires of being loved by others, as you always do; along with your inspections of people are actually responsible for this.

You present an extrovert image to the world, which shows how careful you are about having friendly relationships with others and making sure they are not offended. You hover on details which often kill your time and mars positive thinking. You cannot enjoy happy moments that pass by un-noticed by you because of your eye for little things.