Predictions for Aquarius Rashi

Aquarius Rashi Your Moon sign has given you very intense emotions which you often suppress. You do not want people to know what you’re really thinking and feeling because you think that would hurt your standing in the society and the respect you command. That’s why people may think you’re unemotional or robotic.

You’ve worn this mask as you don’t want to be neglected and avoided by your close ones. And in this way your original nature stays dormant.

People of Aquarius Moon sign think that being a sensitive person will make them look weak, but forgets that spontaneity is a bright quality too. In any case this is a part of your character that won’t be changed easily. You long for expressing the hidden thoughts in you, yearn to get carried away with the moment, but then draw back.

Aquarius Moon also gives you a shifting temperament. You change things about yourself and surprise others. Sometimes the changes in your outlook or opinions may even cause clashes with your family members and friends.

Deep inside you want to be loved and trusted by everyone. Give a vent to your true emotions; show your capabilities and other side of your nature! You will be always welcomed and cared for.