Your Panchpakshi is vulture

vulture Panchpakshi The Pancha-Pakshi Sastra is a popular astrology method of South India. The five-birds of the Panch-Pakshi shastra represent the five basic elements of the universe. According to this system, each person has a primary or ruling element that governs his characteristics and personality. The report below tells you your Panch-Pakshi bird as per the Sastra, and how it influences your life and personality.

Your Personality accordig to your Panchpakshi
Your birth bird is vulture therefore you will have a childish behavior. The innocence will reflect in your behavior and sometimes you will also behave stubborn like a child. You will be naughty and have good sense of humor and love to play pranks as well. Your unsteady behavior will be one of the reason that you will not be serious towards life. You like to travel a lot specifically to some hill stations and like sweets as well. You will be romantic in nature and get attracted to the people of opposite sex. But one of the good things about yourself that you may be little careless in life but you are serious about the relationships you share with your parents and family ones as well as also take your responsibilities wisely. Your mental and storage capacity will be strong. Due to which, you will learn things easily which may interest you a lot. You will also have good creative skills and will be inclined towards music and possess good knowledge in this field. Therefore, if you will try your luck in this field you may reap success in life.

Panchpakshi and your health
In matters of health you may suffer from ailments related to nerves and bones. besides this, the problems related to skin may also cause pain. In these circumstances, it is advisable for you that you should avoid carelessness in matters related to your health and should not get involved in circumstances which may cause problems to you in future. Remember, if you will not be careful then you may also face problems in favorable period of your life.

Your lucky direction from Panchpakshi
our auspicious direction is east. You will get quick success in this direction. You can also use this direction while signing an important paper. As this may result in your favor. Your business or work-front should also be in the east direction. The journeys related to your business will also be successful for you if made in this direction. If you have lost any your important thing in this direction then the possibilities to get it back will always be high.

Your lucky color from Panchpakshi
Your lucky color is white, therefore, use white color as much as you can. As a result, the obstacles in way to success will be removed. Use this color during important journeys and meetings related to your business as this will help you to achieve your

Your auspicious deity from Panchpakshi
According to your birth bird, your idol will be lord Shiva. therefore it will be favorable for you that you worship lord shiva as a result, you will be very confident and courageous. And you will be able to deal with the problems which you may face in life. If you will worship lord Shiva the difficulties in your life will also get reduced. If you are facing any problems in your work then due to worshiping lord Shiva they will also get reduce. You will also get results appropriate to your efforts. You will also inherit positive energy which will make you confident and lead you towards progress in life.